Many 'offices' look a bit different these days

We asked you for photos of your home offices
Posted at 6:52 PM, Mar 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-27 18:52:13-04

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — For those of us that work at companies that have not been deemed essential, the office is looking a bit different these days.

Don't worry. It's not just you. The way we're bringing you the news has changed dramatically as well.

FOX Home Set
alyssa work home.png

We asked our viewers to share photos of their home offices with us. Here are some of the ones we received.

Anna Skidmore said her new "co-worker" was very curious.

Anna Skidmore

Calvin Hoffman has a new colleague as well...

Calvin Hoffman

Becky Van Nes Knoper is bringing some holiday cheer to her workspace...

Becky Van Nest Knoper

The Hersbergers have a communal work-school space for the family...

Nanette Dietrich Hersberger

Meanwhile, John Westra has been doing this for years. He wrote, "I've been working virtually for more than a decade. Working in the #VR / #AR industry, I routinely meet 'face 2 face' with people from around the world, from the comfort and now safety of my home office."

John Westra

What about you? Check out our Facebook post and add a photo!