Hartford police offering wellness checks for kids home alone

Posted at 6:05 PM, Mar 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-17 18:05:16-04

HARTFORD, Mich. — With school canceled for the next couple weeks at least, police in Hartford are offering wellness checks for kids stuck at home alone while their parents are at work.

The Hartford Police Department says the offer is available to anyone living within the city limits. All you have to do is send the department your address, child's name, and parent contact information.

You can even come up with a safe word so that your child can be sure they're talking to an actual police officer.

The department says kids should only open the door if they see both a police cruiser and an officer.

"We'll go up, just knock, joke around, make sure that they're comfortable before we leave," said Hartford police chief Tressa Beltran. "We don`t want to leave anybody scared or anything. Obviously, if we see something that we don't like or is suspicious, we'll handle that situation, too."

The Hartford Police Department's phone number is 269-621-3225.

Bangor City and Bangor Township are also offering to perform these check-ins.