Golfers flock to courses that are open

Courses take precautions to keep golfers safe
Posted at 3:33 PM, Mar 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-25 21:04:44-04
Golfers flock to courses that are open

Most March days with temperatures in the fifties are going to draw a large number of golfers.

"It is a great day out," Geoff Luyk, a golfer at Arrowhead Golf Course in Lowell, said. "The weather is perfect."

"Come out and get some fresh air," Dennis Strack added. "Been itching for it."

These days only essential businesses are supposed to be open.

Several golf courses are allowing play as they await further clarification on their status.

"This is a luxury having golf courses open," Jensen Simons, who played Wednesday at Arrowhead said. "Not having to be stuck inside. I understand they may not be essential but for mental health they are definitely helping out a lot being able to get out of the house play some sports a little bit."

Precautions are being taken. At Arrowhead they are allowing just one person to a cart while all touch points in the cart are being sanitized, flag sticks are left in the hole and payment is done online, the clubhouse is closed.

"I think they are playing it the safe way there," Luyk said. "You don't know how long it actually, the virus itself, sets on physical stuff we touch so with them taking all those precautions I think they are playing it the safe way."

While everyone we talked to was thrilled for the chance to play, all of them said they feel safe on the course.

"I feel safe with these guys," Strack said pointing to the two guys he was playing with. "And pretty much that is all I am coming in contact with. We are going to try and practice our social distancing while we are playing so I have no worries out in the fresh air."