Facebook group matches RVs in storage with workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic

One Muskegon family calls it a blessing
Posted at 10:51 PM, Apr 03, 2020

MUSKEGON, Mich. — A Facebook group is matching RVs in storage with workers on the front-lines of the coronavirus pandemic who need a place to isolate.

Allison Koch’s husband Brett is a local first responder.

“With all this coronavirus stuff going on we needed some options, because I’m pregnant, I have a toddler at home and he could potentially bring it home to us,” Koch said.

She considered staying somewhere else, until she found the Facebook group, RVs 4 MDs to Fight the Coronavirus.

The group which now has thousands of members matches RVS, trailers and campers with healthcare workers and first responders across the nation.

“I took a shot in the dark hoping that little Muskegon, Michigan would be on the map and God answered the blessing and there he was, so yeah we are very lucky.

Muskegon Resident DJ Rose also heard about the group and put his camper, which was sitting idle in his barn, online.

He was matched up with Allison.

What we can do to help I guess with everything going on, my wife works in medical, we have family in medical, we understand the trials and tribulations they go through., so we thought it was something we could help to have a family not exposed to it,” DJ Rose, said.

Rose brought the camper to the Koch’s yard on Friday.

“The idea is if he has a call where the suspected symptoms of COVID-19 are there, if he has a run-in in the ER with something, if he deems himself feeling that he’s not safe to come home, he will be able to have a place to stay,” Allison explained.

The camper is fully furnished and will allow her husband to isolate safely if need be, but still be close to home, his young daughter and pregnant wife.

“It’s wonderful it’s a blessing, quite honestly I was kind of panicking, it was breaking our hearts to separate our family like that,” she said.

“This has been such a great alternative so that we can still have somewhat normal life, but he can still be safe and isolated if it gets crazy around here,” she added.

They are now urging others to help do the same if they can.

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