Baseball writer helping minor leaguers that are out of work

Emily Waldon has helped raise over $8,000 so far
Posted at 3:24 PM, Mar 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-19 17:08:32-04
Baseball writer raises money for minor leaguers out of work

The start of the baseball season is being delayed, for how long no one really knows, in the meantime many minor league players all over the country are essentially out of work.

Emily Waldon is trying to help them out.

Waldon covers the Detroit Tigers minor league system for The Athletic and knows there are players in need.

"This is a really vital time for these guys," Waldon said. "Because not only have they been pulled from their training schedule, they've been pulled from being in the complex that provides two of the three meals every day."

She has a large following on Twitter and decided to reach out on the social media platform to see if anyone would be willing to help the players.

"I wanted to kind of try the fans a little bit and see if they'd be interested in offering some advice, offering some opportunities and also financial donations," Waldon added. "The response was enormous across the country into Canada we've had incredible response. And so far we've raised over $8,000 in donations for these guys."

Most MLB teams have agreed to pay their minor league players through spring training, but that is only meal money sometimes as little as $15 to $30 a day.

"They've got to pay rent when they get home and there's a lot of other bills that they have to take care of," Waldon said. "So this was just kind of a way to let them know their fans have their back and try and get me support that I'm able to send their way."

She says the players who have received help are grateful.

"I had one player send me a message after she (player's wife) found out about the donation," Waldon continued. ""He said my wife burst into tears when she found out that we were going to get $200 from a fan who offered. So a lot of these guys especially ones with a wife and kids, it's helping them a ton."

Waldon is in the process of getting a website together where fans can offer help. Right now she says anyone that wants to help can contact her on twitter at @EmilyCWaldon, her direct messages are open.

Major League Baseball announced Thursday afternoon that each player under a Minor League Uniform Contract will receive a lump sum equal to the allowances that would have been paid through April 8th.