Candice Miller says she will not run for governor in 2022

Posted at 10:27 AM, Jan 04, 2021

(WXYZ) — Macomb County Public Works Commissioner Candice Miller is shooting down rumors that she will run for governor in 2022 against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

In a Facebook post Monday morning, Miller wrote that she would not run.

"I appreciate the support of the people of Macomb County in my recent re-election and I am committed to fulfilling my duties here. Improving water quality in our magnificent Great Lakes, upgrading and maintaining our infrastructure and being a positive component of economic prosperity for Macomb County – these remain my focus," she said.

Miller, a Republican, was mentioned in a recent Detroit News article as someone who may run against Whitmer in 2022 and was well-liked by Republicans.

She served as a Congresswoman for Michigan's 10th district from 2003-2016 and was the Michigan Secretary of State from 1995-2003. Since 2016, she has served as the Macomb County Public Works Commissioner.