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Woodrows Duckpin brings a new twist to bowling

Now open inside Amway Grand Plaza Hotel
Posted at 11:16 AM, Feb 04, 2022

Bowling is a sport that's been around for decades, but there's a new business opening up in the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel that's putting a new user-friendly twist on the classic sport.

Woodrows Duckpin revives the 100-year sport, duckpin bowling. Woodrows features seven duckpin bowling lanes in addition to a lounge area complete with comfortable seating and high-top tables and rails, where bowlers and others can hang out with friends, and enjoy curated cocktails, craft beer, and wine.

Woodrows DuckPin is the first place in the area to offer duckpin bowling, a game that dates back to the late 1800s and features several differences from traditional bowling.

Duckpin lanes are shorter and have pins that are attached to strings, those pins are shorter, squatter, and thinner than traditional bowling pins. This style of pins makes it more difficult to throw a strike, which is why bowlers are allowed three chances per frame.

Duckpin bowling balls lack finger holes and are significantly smaller than those used in ten-pin bowling. Plus Bowlers don’t need to wear bowling shoes and lanes are rented by the hour, which allows up to six people to take part.

Woodrows DuckPin is located at 200 Lyon St. NW inside of the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel.

Hours are Tuesday-Thursday 4-1`1 p.m., Friday-Saturday 4 p.m. to 12 a.m.

Schedule a lane and learn more by heading to