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Weird dating websites for singles

Posted at 12:04 PM, Feb 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-14 12:17:39-05

Valentine's Day is for couples, but what about all the single people out there? For anyone out there who's looking for love, or a laugh, here are some dating apps that are a bit, unusual.

They say you are what you eat, so what does your fridge say about you? That’s what this dating app wants your soul mate find out! Refrigerdating is a dating site, similar to tinder, where you swipe left or right depending on how you feel about the contents of their fridge.
Looking for someone with a good sense of humor and doesn’t freak out when they find out you’re a clown? Try Clown Dating offers a community for single entertainers to chat, set up dates, and have fun together!

Gluten Free Singles
Never again will you feel like a burden because you’re gluten-free. With gluten free singles, you can find someone who has the same dietary needs as you.

Mullet Passions
It’s all business in the front, and a party in the back! Mullet passions dot com is a free dating site for singles who sport that sick 80’s haircut. You can even search for people based on the style including classic, mudflap, or spiky.

121 Cosplay
If you’re looking for someone to dress up and go to cons with, how about 121 cosplay? Whether you’re looking for a fling, or something more long term, this site will help connect people to similar fandoms.

Tall Friends
If you’re 6-foot or taller, there’s a dating site for people just like you called Tall Friends! It’s the best place to look for a relationship with all tall women and men, or if you're looking for a really tall partner.
This site has users be ghosted, in a good way? Ghost singles dot com is a site for those who actually want to date the dead. When looking for your ideal ghost, you choose how they died: horribly, mysteriously, tragically, or suddenly.