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Trusted Advisor: Dr. Wesley with SplenDent dissolves dental implant myths

Posted at 11:14 AM, Dec 17, 2020

What's holding you back from getting your smile fixed once and for all? Is it the fear of cost, the pain or something else? Our Trusted Advisor, Dr. Albert Wesley with SplenDent Implant Center has 30 years of making people regain their healthy smiles.

Some fear the cost of dental implants. Sure, there might be an initial outlay of dollars, Dr. Wesley said, but dental implants will last you decades. His staff is also great about working with patients and their financial situations.

Perhaps you fear that everyone will notice the implants. The implant itself is actually underneath the bone and gum tissue. The crown or bridge sits on top of that, giving you that gorgeous grin. The new ceramics and materials that they have come out with are very translucent so they look very natural. Implants are actually very beneficial for people who might have dental diseases, too. Dr. Wesley stresses that there is basically no limitation to who his team can provide with dental implants. Dr. Wesley stresses to really look into the dentist that will be doing the work; he has been trained by some of original dental implant pioneers.

Do you fear being off work for an extended amount of time? Dr. Wesley says that most dental implants have a day or two of recovery time; larger surgeries, can be a bit more. His staff will provide you with ways to be comfortable during that time.

Most importantly, get in to see Dr. Wesley and his team for your consultation and bring someone along with you to help gain the knowledge/answers you are looking for! Don't let the pandemic keep you away from upgrading your smile; lots of safety standards have always been in place and that is something that Dr. Wesley and his team highly stress.

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