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Sunspace West Michigan offers a variety of options for people to enjoy the great outdoors year-round

Home Sweet Home
Posted at 10:00 AM, May 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-09 08:49:55-04

Over the past couple of years, homeowners have found themselves spending much more time at home, which has motivated many home renovations, additions, and landscaping. For anyone looking to refresh or upgrade their home, one place to consider looking into is Sunspace West Michigan.

Sunspace West Michigan specializes in structures and add-ons to the home where people can enjoy the outdoor weather Michigan has to offer year-round.

The first add-on people can add is an aluminum deck. Aluminum is superior to wood or plastic materials because it requires less maintenance-no painting or staining- and the material doesn't absorb heat.

They also offer stylish deck railings, a variety of colors and styles for the aluminum flooring, as well as privacy walls for anyone who wants to stay out of sight of nosy neighbors.

Another way people can enjoy the seasons in Michigan is with a three or four-seasons room. These rooms are enclosed spaces where people can enjoy the pleasures of a summer day, without inconveniences like insects or unpleasant weather.

These rooms include the WeatherMaster Window, which can open three-quarters of the way to allow more fresh air to get inside the room. Since the window is made of PVC, it will not break, get scratched, or be easily destroyed.

Plus, because the rooms are watertight, they can be wired for electronic devices and have normal furniture placed inside without the worry of it being water damaged.

The final structure they offer is a portable deck called the Sun Lounger. For the family who can't decide on where to enjoy the outdoors, a portable deck can be placed anywhere! It has all the features included with a regular deck, and is easy to move around!

To learn more about these add-ons to the home, visit or call (616)-249-8712.

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