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Still I Run: Runners on a mission to raise awareness for mental health

Posted at 10:50 AM, Apr 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-01 10:50:33-04

Many athletes know the benefits running has for the mind and body. What many don't know is that there's a non-profit in Hudsonville using this activity to raise awareness for mental health called Still I Run.

Still I Run is a community of runners and mental health warriors determined to take control of their physical and mental health while also breaking the stigma surrounding people that live with a mental illnesses.

The non-profit was started by Sasha Wolff, who struggles with anxiety and depression. She started Still I Run back in 2016, but the idea came to her in one of her darkest moments in 2011 when she was hospitalized due to her struggles with mental health. One of the coping mechanisms she learned while getting help was the concept of creating healthy routines and habits. So one day after being discharged, she decided to go for a walk. That walk felt so great that she kept doing it on a regular basis and eventually started to go faster and longer. She hasn't stopped running for her mental health since.

Once she discovered the benefits of running for mental health, Sasha wanted to connect with others who do the same thing. Unfortunately, she couldn't find a group anywhere, so that's when Still I Run was created.

Not only are they the only non-profit in the country that works to promote the benefits of running for mental health, but they've also been chosen to partner with one of the world's most famous marathons this year.

As a Community Level partner for the NYC Marathon, they have limited guaranteed marathon entries to offer up to runners who commit to raising funds for Still I Run - Runners for Mental Health Awareness. Anyone interested in applying can fill out an application here before May 8.

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