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Spectrum Health to open Lifestyle Medicine Practice in Grand Rapids Downtown Market

Posted at 10:28 AM, Dec 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-17 10:28:03-05

In January 2021, Spectrum Health will open a Lifestyle Medicine Practice in Grand Rapids Downtown Market. This will offer individual and group consultations along with other programming.

  • Programs and Services include:
    • Health behavior assessments, biometrics, goal setting and personalized lifestyle plans
    • Intensive therapeutic lifestyle change programs (CHIP)
    • Culinary Medicine treatment: Cooking classes, meal planning, culinary skill building
    • Individual and group appointments with lifestyle medicine doctors
    • Medical nutrition therapy
    • Health & wellness coaching with certified professionals
    • Tobacco and nicotine treatment
    • Digital therapeutics
    • Shared Medical Appointments
      • CHIP
      • Cooking for Health
      • Fasting for Health

Chef Elizabeth Suvedi, Manager of Culinary Medicine, demonstrated an Avocado Sweet Potato Crostini as an example of the 30 Day Plant Powered Challenge that will also start on January 4,

    Chef wants everyone to remember that with 2021 upon us, there is no better time than now to set goals for the new year. Research shows following a diet focused on whole plant foods for four weeks (or longer) is a great way to become your healthiest self and kick-start lasting change. Whole plant foods may help lower your cholesterol, blood sugar and risk of cancer. It may also play a significant role in helping to prevent, manage and reverse chronic disease. The Plant Powered Challenge helps individuals make changes to their diet while providing the tools and knowledge to achieve lasting results. The challenge will include weekly challenge emails, Lunch n’ Learns, blog posts, participation in a new Lifestyle Medicine Facebook Group, and much more.
    To learn more or to sign up, simply go to