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Smart and money-saving ways to store holiday decorations

Posted at 11:24 AM, Jan 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-07 11:24:39-05

One of the best things about winter is decorating for the holidays, but then there's dread when it's time to take them down. Putting back all the ornaments, stockings, garland, and even artificial trees can be a hassle, but there are tons of DIY projects available to make storing holiday decorations easier.

Lifestyle expert Sherri French shares some of her favorite storage hacks that aren't only smart, but will save you money.

Wrapping paper

There is no need to buy a ‘special' wrapping paper holder. Find a plastic garment bag and place all of your wrapping paper inside and together. Add a hanger to store in your closet.


Don’t just place your lights in a heap into a plastic storage bin. Cut a piece of cardboard box and wrap your lights around it to keep them tangle-free.

Beaded Garland

Use an empty water bottle and place any beaded garlands you have right into the bottle for easy storage.


Find a pant hanger and add any holiday ribbon you have right onto the hanger for storage.


A quick and easy way to store your ornaments is to use a plastic bin, cardboard, Solo cups, and some glue. Cut cardboard to fit your plastic bin, glue the solo cups onto the cardboard, place your ornaments into the cups, and store. You can create a second level depending on your large your storage bin is.

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