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Self-care routines perfect for fall

Posted at 10:31 AM, Sep 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-18 10:31:17-04

It's hard to say, but summer is officially over. Even with all it's COVID 19 2020 quirkiness, it's always sad to say goodbye to summer. But, nonetheless, it is time to fall into fall and a new fall self-care routine.

If you are looking for ideas on how to get started, lifestyle expert Donna Bozzo stopped by the Morning Mix via Zoom to give us some ideas.

Invest In A New Beauty Routine

When you look good, you feel good. Stress seems to evaporate with a good beauty treatment. As we head into fall, the nights get longer and our skin could use a boost.

Take Up A New Exercise Routine

Whether it's yoga, a new walking routine, a retro 80's aerobic routine, or badminton on the front yard, find a new way to move, ideally outside. Fresh air and moving those muscles can do wonders for your outlook, increase endorphins and boost energy.

Find Ways To Treat Yourself

Find fun, little ways to treat yourself during the day, especially if you are one of those workers tied to a table or desk. Invest in fun pens, picture frames with pictures of fun times spent with loved ones, and desk toys to spruce up your workspace. Or start a water cooler group chat with friends you can chat with during small breaks during the day. It's difficult to sit at a desk all day with no interaction.

Take Breaks In Your Day To Breath And Focus

The COVID-19 pandemic can feel overwhelming due to new information, long work hours, and caring for your family and yourself. It is normal to feel stressed or overwhelmed during uncertain times, a worldwide pandemic can be taxing. So take little breaks in your day to take a deep breath, focus, collect your thoughts. Or maybe it's a long stretch between zoom calls or a walk up and down the driveway.

Just Remember

Taking care of yourself is important so you are equipped to help your family through this time. We don't know how long restrictions on school and work or the limits on the activities and social interactions we enjoy.

For more ways to fold more fun into your family's life look for Donna's books - What The Fun?! 427 Ways To Have Fantastic Family Fun and Fidget Busters and 50 Ways To Keep Kids Busy While You Get Things Done available online at Barnes and Noble, Walmart and Amazon. She's also offering families a box full of extracurricular activities to keep kids happily occupied with abbreviated activity schedules this year.

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