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Self-care and wellness activities to do at home with your kids

Posted at 10:19 AM, Dec 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-24 10:19:53-05

Self-care positively impacts self-confidence, feelings, and self-worth. Therefore it affects how we put ourselves out into the world and interact with other people. Many people think that self-care and taking care of kids are mutually exclusive but the two can actually go hand in hand.

Nechami Tenenbaurm, founder of Karmela Cosmetics, image and empower consultant shares wellness activities parents can do at home with their kids to teach the importance of self-care.


Homemade face masks with edible ingredients that you have in your kitchen, you’ll get the benefits, your kids will have a blast!

Mind and self-confidence

Affirmations with your children are great ways to promote self-confidence for both you and your kids!

Promote relaxation for your body

Microwave a damp towel, place it on your kid's legs/neck/body as well as your own.

Yoga with your kids!

Practice deep and meditative yoga breathing with them. If yoga isn’t your thing, dance with the kids! Release endorphins, relieve stress and clear your mind.

Send Cards

Giving back can increase self-esteem! Take some time to send a card or drawing to residents in old age homes or patients in hospitals.

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