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Punch out aggression and build up cardio at Title Boxing Grandville

Posted at 10:26 AM, Apr 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-14 08:12:44-04

There are plenty of ways to work out in West Michigan. One of the places people go to beat out their frustrations is Title Boxing, a unique place where people can get their aggression out and their cardio up!

Todd has never been boxing before, so he laced up his sneakers and tried on a pair of boxing gloves, and tried his hand at the sport at Title Boxing Grandville.

Title Boxing isn't just for professional boxers or those who have been boxing before, anyone who wants a workout to get in shape is welcome to join a class. All ages and all experience levels are invited.

The trainers at Title Boxing will be right there during class to show newcomers all the moves and punches. Instructors are in the middle of the room showing everyone in the class what to do, and they'll walk around to assist anyone who needs help.

A class is typically 45 minutes long with a seven-minute warm-up, followed by eight rounds of hitting the bag, then a seven-minute core workout to finish.

For anyone who's interested in trying out Title Boxing, newcomers can try classes for free their first week. There's no commitment to membership; people can either walk away after a week or talk to a trainer about signing up for membership options once the trial period is over.

Title Boxing has two locations in Grand Rapids and Grandville.

To learn more about classes and membership options, visit

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