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Pine Rest offers multiple programs to help people through addiction recovery

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Posted at 10:59 AM, Mar 14, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-14 14:37:55-04

Those suffering from addiction may feel like they don't have any options, and it's a hopeless feeling. However, the professionals and caring staff at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services offer hope, options, support, and much more to help people on their journey to recovery.

Cases of drug addiction, overdoses, and relapses are on the rise. According to the CDC, there are more than 100,000 Americans that die every year from overdoses, which is greater than the number of deaths from guns and car crashes combined. Dr. Ryan Doyle, a psychiatrist at Pine Rest, has seen the growing numbers firsthand, with more and more people coming through the door.

Even before the pandemic, the number of drug addictions was already on the rise, especially overdoses. However, the cases of overdoses and relapses have increased even more drastically since the pandemic. Those who were in treatment got disrupted from their treatment programs that were temporarily closed due to the pandemic; people were stuck at home and isolated from their support.

Dr. Doyle says that opiates and the surge of fentanyl are some of the main causes of overdoses, and explained what people need to look out for if they suspect someone of becoming addicted.

"Usually we're looking at impacts in their functioning," Dr. Doyle said. "They're functioning at home, they're functioning at work, or they're neglecting responsibilities. They're neglecting things that are important to them."

Dr. Doyle says the first step for people to get help with overcoming addiction is to make the call to a recovery facility like Pine Rest. Only 10 percent of people per year that struggle with addiction are actually getting treatment. Even though a person might not know what kind of service they need, the experts at Pine Rest can walk new patients through their programs and offer services across their continuum of care.

Pine Rest has a partial hospitalization program where patients can participate in the addiction recovery program with groups at the hospital, and still go home afterward to get outpatient care. Pine Rest also offers a detox program and outpatients residential program.

"We know addiction is a disease, we know that from the biochemical changes we see in the brain." Dr. Doyle explains. It isn't uncommon for relapses to happen, and Dr. Doyle stresses that addiction affects decision-making; it explains why people continue to use despite knowing the negative consequences.

When people are going through treatments, it's critical to have a support system. Whether that's outpatient groups, AAA or NA, staying connected with counseling, or medication, it's important to have a support group that will improve chances of recovery.

To learn more about Pine Rest Addiction Services, visit, or call 866-852-4001. Also, scan the QR code above to get more information.

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