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Morning Buzz: March 9

Posted at 10:11 AM, Mar 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-09 10:11:30-05

1. A former patient at Mercy Health Muskegon is reuniting with the guys who helped save his life.

Back in October of last year, Armen Kassouni suffered a heart attack after riding his mountain bike on Mosquito Creek Trails.

He collapsed in the parking lot, but thankfully, two other men happened to be there by chance and knew exactly what to do.

Mark Tourcette is a registered technologist at Mercy Health Muskegon. After Mark saw what was happening, he quickly started CPR before off-duty EMT Steve Schrader jumped in to help.

Thanks to their experience, both men were able to keep Armen alive until paramedics showed up.

Armen says he doesn't have much memory of the heart attack, but he's thankful for the quick actions of everyone involved.

2. Talks between negotiators for locked-out players and Major League Baseball are set to resume. This, after 16.5 hours of bargaining on Tuesday, which was then recessed.

Shortly after 3 on the 98th day of the lockout, MLB said no additional games had been canceled and talks will continue.

The league made moves toward players on the key economic issues of the luxury tax, the amount of a new bonus pool for pre-arbitration-eligible players, and minimum salaries.

MLB also pushed for its long-held goal of an international amateur draft.

3. Consumers may see more and more products are shrinking in size or quantity.

Retail industry experts say record levels of inflation are costing companies more to produce all sorts of items. So they can either raise their prices or give consumers less. The process is called "shrinkflation."

As frustrating as it is, just knows hiking prices is a last resort for companies because they know you'll notice, and it could hit the demand for their product.

4. Help "l'eggo" of the stress from the morning breakfast rush with Eggo's Daylight Saving Giveaway.

The frozen waffle company wants to make mornings a little less hectic and is giving 100,000 parents free Eggo Waffles.

Winners will receive one 10-count box of waffles to help make mornings easier, especially after losing an hour of sleep to daylight saving time.

Parents in need of a breakfast break should follow Eggo on social media, Eggo will post how you can register for free waffles on Monday, March 14, one day after the clocks spring forward.

5. A packaging company is working on improving wine bottles. They want to do away with the glass and cork and instead bottle the win in aluminum.

Manufacturer CCL Container says they hope to revolutionize the wine experience with their product.

They claim there are tons of benefits like keeping the wine fresh longer with a sealable top, easy to cool and stay cool containers, all in durable material for a less stressful shipping and traveling experience.

CLL Containers says it looks forward to teaming up with a wide variety of wineries. But even if it saves money, there's something satisfying about uncorking a bottle instead
of twisting a cap.