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Morning Buzz: January 7

Posted at 10:11 AM, Jan 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-07 10:11:45-05

1. Not only will high school sports return next week, but some fans will be allowed to cheer them on. The State Health Department gave the Michigan High school Athletic Association the go-ahead to bring back a limited amount of spectators, with tickets only available for immediate family members.

Football teams will each get 125 tickets, volleyball teams get 50 apiece. Social distancing rules will apply and fans have to wear a face mask at all times.

No fans are allowed at swimming and diving tournaments though.

However, the MHSAA is streaming games on their website, and Fox Sports Detroit will broadcast the high school football finals.

2. Kent County Community Action has another food distribution event today. It will go until 1 p.m. today outside the Kent County Health Department.

Customers are asked to enter the parking lot on Jefferson Street and volunteers will load more than 50 pounds of food into the trunk of your car.

Anyone can stop by, but there's no walk-up service due to social distancing requirements.

For more info, visit the website

3. Arizona's Grand Canyon may have met its match, and it's not even on this planet. NASA released a photo of a canyon on Mars, the largest canyon in our solar system.

It stretches over 2,500 miles across the martian equator and is seven miles deep.

According to NASA, if on Earth- this valley would span from New York City to San Francisco.

Scientists at the University of Arizona took it with a special camera called Hi-Rise, the most powerful camera ever sent to another planet.

4. Mardi Gras celebrations now underway in New Orleans, just tweaked a bit. Locals are still finding ways to make it fun though!

Instead of costumed parades, there were stations of costumed scenes for people to safely drive by and view from their cars.

The city plans to continue the celebration in a socially distant manner to keep everyone safe. Mardi Gras goes until Fat Tuesday, which this year lands on February 16.

5. It isn't every day you find a rock in your garden that turns out to be worth $20,000. That's exactly what happened to a woman in England.

Having no idea she'd stumbled upon an ancient Roman relic, she used the rock as a horse mounting block for nearly a decade. That was until she noticed a laurel wreath carved into its face and a Greek inscription.

An archaeologist has since dated it to the 2nd century with likely origins in Greece or Anatolia.

How it ended up in a random garden in the UK is anyone's guess, but it's about to fetch up to $20,000 at auction next month.