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Morning Buzz: February 23

Posted at 10:35 AM, Feb 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-23 10:35:50-05

1. Good news for Whitecaps fans! Individual tickets for all games are now on sale.

The team released their season schedule back in November. There are 66 home games, and according to their promotions schedule, five of them will feature celebrity athletes who were "Made-In-Michigan."

The Whitecaps home opener is scheduled for Tuesday, April 12. Secure your ticket, and check out some of the other promotions on the team's website.

2. Kids can now get a leg-up on financial know-how with some help from a local credit union and a local PBS celebrity.

In a 12-month series called Money Minutes with Wimee and Friends. Consumers Credit Union and characters from the WGVU show "Wimee's Words" will publish videos, helping kids understand the basics of money in bite-sized portions.

Wimee is a robot puppet created by a Michigan man who worked with Consumers Credit Union to bring this project to life.

You can find their first video on Consumers Credit Union's social media pages.

3. As any music lover will tell you, vinyl has made a comeback, and now you can check out some of your favorite albums at the Grand Rapids Public Library.

A pilot program will let library cardholders check out not only records but record players.

When you visit either the main library or the West Side Branch, you can check out the collection, even sit down and listen during your visit.

From classics to country, to pop and more obscure titles, the GRPL has a diverse collection, and you can check out up to five albums at a time.

Local record store vertigo helped curate the collection.

4. Whether used to help teach a new trick or for no reason at all, dogs respond to their treats.

So honor the goodie that helps reward them and keep them in line, because it's National Dog Biscuit Day!

It's not just celebrated by American dog owners, it's also International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day.

So find a special goodie to give your pooch or maybe go for a long walk to burn off those treat calories.

5. In some card games, "the deuces are wild." A young girl plays a wild cosmic coincidence on a date with two's.

Judah Grace Spear hits all twos like a casino machine. On Two's Day, February 22 in the 22nd year of the millennium.

Judah two-steps her way into life, at a regional medical center, in North Carolina, in room two, at 2:22 a.m. Judah's mom is a Hodgkin's Lymphoma survivor.

The date is a palindrome, where the order of numbers doesn't change either forward or backward.

6. An Israeli Farmer breaks a Guinness World Record growing the world's heaviest strawberry.

The fruit is seven inches long and weighs more than 10 ounces. It's from the Ilan variety, a bred known for its largest size. However, even researchers were surprised by this one, explaining developing one this size requires special conditions.

They also say the fruit developed for more than 45 days from flowering, causing its large size at the full ripening stage. The strawberry topped the previous record holder nearly nin ounces, which was a Japanese variety in 2015.