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Morning Buzz: February 17

Posted at 10:04 AM, Feb 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-17 10:04:45-05

1. Looks like runners will have a bit more time to prepare for the Amway River Bank Run.

The largest 25k road race in the country has been postponed. The event was supposed to take place on May 8, but it will now be held on October 23.

In a Facebook post this morning, organizers said "the decision was made after consulting with local health officials and believe delaying the event to the fall will allow the event to resemble what participants have come to expect."

Event details and safety protocols have not yet been finalized, but will be released when they are confirmed.

Participants who have already registered will automatically be signed up for the October race.

For more details, head to

2. Christians around the globe and in West Michigan are starting the Lenten season. Ash Wednesday kicks off Lent, which lasts the 46 days leading up to Easter Sunday.

Believers will mark the occasion with an ash cross on their forehead, which represents death and repentance.

Many Christians will then choose to fast or give up something they enjoy for the Lenten period.

Easter Sunday is April 4.

3. Up until this point, winter has been pretty mild. Many people say they've even been seeing robins in their yards.

Peg Markle, the founder of the Wildlife Rehab Center in Grand Rapids, says birds usually fly south, until they can find food and water, but with the milder weather we had up until this month, many birds only went as far as southern Michigan.

Now that we're experiencing an arctic blast, she says the birds could be in trouble. To help, toss out blueberries and dog food for them. Plus heated bird baths are extremely helpful.

4. A new Michigan House Bill would allow lottery winners to remain anonymous.

The bill was introduced into the Michigan House by Republican Representative Pat Outman and provides privacy to those who win multi-state games.

Outman says the goal is to protect winners from dangerous and unwanted attention.

Currently, Michigan law does not allow lottery winners to remain anonymous.

5. Scientists claim they have created a wearable device that can turn the human body into a battery.

The tech uses thermo-electric generators that convert the body's internal temperature to electricity.

It can be worn like a ring or a bracelet and is fully recyclable.

The researchers believe it is powerful enough to power electronics like watches or fitness trackers.

They say this could be a cleaner alternative to traditional electronics and it could actually be on the market in 5-10 years.