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Morning Buzz: February 10

Posted at 10:12 AM, Feb 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-10 10:12:10-05

1. America lost one of its oldest heroes. World War II Veteran and West Michigander, Virgil Westdale, passed away at 104 on Tuesday.

during his time in the army, Westdale played a pivotal role in liberating prisoners in Germany but was stripped of his wings for being Japanese-American and demoted.

Throughout the trials and challenges though, his friends say he was always positive.

After returning from 12 months of combat duty, this hero got the justice he deserved many decades later. On his 100th birthday in 2018, a friend organized a repining ceremony, and Westdale got his wings back.

Memorial arrangements for Westdale are in the works.

2. Construction crews have begun breaking ground on the Ada House on Thursday morning.

The new three-story, 37,000-square-foot hotel is being built along River Street. It'll have 42 guest rooms, a rooftop bar, an outdoor patio, gym, along with space to host weddings and other private events.

The concept is inspired by the original Ada Hotel, which dates back to the 19th century and was the centerpiece of the village.

Construction is expected to take about 18 months, and it'll open sometime next summer.

3. The Grand Rapids' Downtown Development Authority is giving Studio Park the approval for their $50 million expansion project.

Developers are planning to add a residential tower to their existing parking facility. The towers will feature a terrace, pool, community room, and fitness center.

Once completed, the tower will have 165 apartments and 24 condos.

4. Kalamazoo Public Libraries will be back in person starting Monday, February 14.

People who visit the library will still be required to wear face masks, with curbside and virtual services still available.

For more details, go to

5. Don't be cheesy on Valentine's Day, get your loved ones the gift they'll really enjoy... pizza!

Chain restaurants want to help you spread the love by offering their iconic pies in the shape of a heart.

Places like Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, and California Pizza Kitchen are all in on the trend, with Pizza Hut and Papa Johns both offering their festive pies for just under $12.

Plenty of neighborhood parlors will also be reshaping the classic round dough for the holiday, so check in with a local business to see if they'll be making the heart pizzas.