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Morning Buzz: December 6

Posted at 10:20 AM, Dec 06, 2021

1. Is your family ready to add an animal to your holiday photos and home? The BISSELL Pet Foundation is kicking off a special Empty The Shelters event, Holiday Hope, today!

The foundation will be sponsoring reduced adoption fees of $25 or less for cats and dogs in more than 200 shelters across 40 different states.

In West Michigan, the Kent County Animal Shelter, Humane Society of West Michigan, and Harbor Humane are participating.

The event goes through December 20.

2. For the first time in 364 days, the Detroit Lions own a football game!

In true Lion fashion, it came down to the very last play against the Minnesota Vikings.

Their last win was on December 6 of last year against the Chicago Bears.

The Lions now improve to 1-10-1 on the season and, for the moment, are undefeated in December.

3. It's Saint Nicholas Day, a time to recognize the man believed to be behind the legend of Santa Claus.

December 6 is also known as the feast of Saint Nicholas as it's widely celebrated in Europe.

Saint Nicholas was born in Turkey in the year 270. A devout Christian who later became a bishop, he devoted his life serving the poor, the sick, and the suffering.

Legend has it that he left gold in the shoes of girls who had no money for a dowry.

Over the years, that evolved into gifts in stockings, and Saint Nick became associated with Christmas as Santa Claus.

4. If you're Santa's Helper this year, here are the best and worst places to hide the most important of Christmas packages. did a survey for Neighbor, the storage company, questioning about 1,000 people 16 and older where people commonly hide Christmas presents from others.

The top five places for hiding include bedroom closets, a spare room, a coat closet, under their bed, and in the trunk of their car.

Remember, kids are super-snoopers and it turns out only half are successful in keeping curious kids from finding the goods.