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Morning Buzz: August 10

Posted at 10:06 AM, Aug 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-10 10:06:07-04

1. Meijer is providing a $10 coupon to college students who get the COVID-19 vaccine at one of their pharmacies.

To be eligible, students must get their first dose of the vaccine at a Meijer Pharmacy by September 30. They will get the $10 coupon, which can be picked up at a Meijer Pharmacy, once they receive their second dose of the vaccine.

Walk-ins are welcome and you can make an appointment online by visiting

Many Michigan colleges and universities, including Grand Valley State University, the University of Michigan, and Michigan State University, are requiring students to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

2. The Red Cross is looking for local volunteers, and blood donors as many weather experts are predicting a busy disaster season this year.

The organization says wildfire season is already very active due to severe drought and dry woolands across the west.

Experts are also predicting 10 or more hurricanes in the coming weeks.

The Red Cross needs volunteers who can work in their disaster shelters, and donors to maintain a stable blood supply in the face of emergencies.

To learn more, visit

3. A 19-year-old man on the east side of Michigan now holds the record for the largest Chinook Salmon ever caught in Michigan.

Louis Martinez reeled in a nearly 48-pounder on Saturday morning while charter boat fishing with his family on Lake Michigan.

According to the Ludington Daily News, it took him about 30 minutes of fighting to get the salmon on deck. This was also his first fishing expedition.

The previous record, caught on the Grand River in Kent County, had stood for 43 years.

4. Tired of your condiments slipping off your hot dog and onto your clothes? Mustard lovers who just can't get enough of the hot dog topping can rejoice in French's latest mustard buns.

The company baking its iconic flavors into the dough to give the bun a spicy twist.

Lucky customers in parts of New York, Illinois, Maryland, California, and Massachusetts can get a mustard bun with a hot dog for free. However, everyone can enjoy the taste of a mustard bun no matter where you live simply by recreating the recipe on French's website.

5. Get out those marshmallows, it's a day to celebrate National S'mores Day.

Of course, s'mores consist of a roasted marshmallow and a piece of a chocolate bar between two graham crackers.

According to, the first s'mores recipe appeared in the 1927 publication of tramping and trailing with the Girl Scouts.