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Morning Buzz: 5 things to know for February 10

Posted at 11:01 AM, Feb 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-10 11:01:53-05

1. It's a big weekend for a business in Comstock Park. From humble beginnings to independent shop owner, Dolly's Delights is officially open for business.

The owner, Stephanie Dolly, started her business from her car back in 2016 selling nothing more than banana pudding jars.

Soon after, with the help of her business coach, and one of the 12-week programs offered by Spring GR, Stephanie was able to move into a store.

Dolly's Delights had its grand opening in its new spot off West River Drive on Saturday.

They have everything from cheesecakes to pies, and are hoping to offer baking classes soon.

2. The Michigan State University League of Legends Club was crowned champion Sunday afternoon of the first Grand Rapids Rift Clash Esports Tournament.

The Spartans were awarded $2,500. Since the sport isn't regulated by the NCAA, the players got to split the money and keep it for themselves.

Backed by the West Michigan Sports Commission, the Rift Clash was West Michigan's first major esports tournament.

3. Crissy the Corgi, from Hamilton, competed in the Westminster Dog Show this weekend.

She was one of five corgis invited to take part in the event, against 25 other corgis. While she didn't win best of breed, her owner Jodi say sit was an incredible experience and Crissy handled it like a Rockstar.

Her owner says a dog in the same bloodline won, part of their team Coventry.

The competition wraps up tonight and that's when the winner will be announced for Best In Show.

4. Nevada has said farewell to the parallel parking portion of the driving test.

The DMV says it still tests for parking in other ways, like backing up and turning, but parallel section was removed to save time. Most drivers pass all other portions of the exam except for that one.

One student says new car software makes learning parallel parking obsolete anyway. Another student says this could create problems on the road, with cars sticking out on the street if they're not parked properly.

5. It's not safe to stare at the sun, so how do people study it? NASA just launched a historic mission to study the sun's poles with its Solar Orbiter lifting off last night from Cape Canaveral in Florida.

10 instruments will make detailed observations in an effort to explain the sun's activity cycles.

Scientists also hope the study will help explain why eruptions and solar winds affect the earth's environment.