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Morning Buzz: 5 things to know for December 18

Posted at 10:23 AM, Dec 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-18 10:23:06-05

1. Would you consider yourself a generous tipper? 20 percent is pretty generous, but imagine getting a $1,000 tip randomly in a card!

Chef Jenna, owner of Amore Trattoria Italiana in Comstock Park, said eight women came into the restaurant Tuesday night leaving the card with their server on the way out.

In a Facebook post, she said the server was in "total shock" after opening the card, adding she cried and said she wouldn't be getting any sleep overnight.

2. Some kids with the GR Boys and Girls Club got an early Christmas surprise. Tuesday afternoon Helen DeVos employees went to a team building exercise where they build the bikes.

Later in the day, they surprised a few kids from the Boys and Girls Club with them. A lot of those kids are siblings and they say they're excited to ride their new bikes together.

3. Still wondering what to get the kids for Christmas? Give them quality bonding time instead of material gifts, it's good for their soul and mind.

A British child psychologist says vacations make kids smarter. According to her research, vacations activate certain systems of the brain that can easily go unexercised.

For example, the "seeking" system is activated when the child explores a new place. Their "play" system is used whenever they're out having fun.

The more kids use these systems, the more clever and innovative they can become.

4. Adults always say that kids are little germ factories and need to "wash their hands." A pair of Idaho teachers proved the importance of washing hands with bread.

They took fresh bread and touched it. After that they left one slice untouched, one with unwashed hands, one with hand sanitaizer, and one with washed hands with warm water and soap. Then they decided to rub a piece on all their classroom Chromebooks.

They started the experiment on November 4 and a month later the results were clear, hand washing is key! The bread rubbed on the Chromebooks were covered in mold.

5. Disney+, the new online streaming service by the Walt Disney Company, has created a way for people to gift the subscription service to family and friends.

For $69.99 customers can buy an email voucher code to send to a friend, so they can subscribe to the streaming service and enjoy one year free.

The gift features unlimited, ad-free access to thousands of movies and series. Four devices can simultaneously stream, and seven profiles can be used.