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Mercy Health reminds everyone that vaccine does not mean letting your guard down

Posted at 11:10 AM, Dec 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-18 11:10:58-05

With news of the COVID vaccines rolling out, we're reaching a turning point in the pandemic. Even though things are looking much better, we're not out of the woods yet.
Dr. Hyung Kim, president of Mercy Health Saint Mary's, is here to give us an update on current state of COVID-19.

Dr. Kim said that things are much better today than they were about a month ago, and by that, Mercy Health St. Mary's had 86 COVID inpatients around the fall peak on November 22. For the past week, that number has dipped into the 40s. Also, Dr. Kim added that the number of tests that they are being asked to do for COVID and positive results have come down. He credits that to people doing what they are being asked to do, like not traveling, not going out and just staying with immediate family.

If you suspect you have COVID, Dr. Kim asks that you stay away from other people until you get tested and have results. You can go to Mercy health's website and schedule a test. You can also get a professional opinion via telemedicine or virtual care. For everyone, he encourages maintaining physical distance, wear your masks and if you believe you have COVID, stay home.

Also, if you feel you need medical care for any reason, Dr. Kim can't stress enough to get the medical attention you need. In the spring, many people died from heart attacks and strokes due to not getting help they needed.

And finally, Dr. Kim said that just because vaccines are being administered, that doesn't mean we should stop with the preventative measures. There is still a bit of time, the spring or even summer, before the general public could get the vaccine.