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Foot and ankle care available at Corewell Health

Posted at 10:52 AM, Apr 27, 2023

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Your feet are your foundation. So, if you have foot or ankle pain, it is likely to impair your ability to get around and, as a result, negatively affect your quality of life.

Corewell Health’s Dr. Garett Pangrazzi, who specializes in surgical and non-surgical treatments for feet and ankles, discusses medical treatments for foot and ankle fractures, arthritis, bunions, and other conditions.

Corewell Health treats young and aspiring athletes, senior citizens with arthritis, and everything in between. Arthritis, however, is one of the more common conditions they see.

If someone experiences pain due to arthritis, there are plenty of options for treatment:

· Nonsurgical – activity modification, OTC Tylenol or NSAIDs, orthotics, injections
· Surgical – Minimally invasive cheilectomy, Joint replacements or fusions of joints
· Total ankles – I use Custom, patient-specific guides to make surgery more reliable and predictable
· Great toe replacement – newer offering for select individuals that maintain range of motion
· Minimally invasive surgeries are more and more common
· In some cases, Corwell Health is only one in West Michigan doing minimally invasive surgeries like this

Check with your primary care provider and insurance provider about a referral and see if any of these treatments are right for you.

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