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Mattson Financial: One misstep could affect your retirement

Posted at 10:30 AM, Oct 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-06 10:30:35-04

No matter how successful you've been in your career or with your money, you can probably think of a time when one bad decision set you back and if you're nearing retirement you definitely don't have the luxury of facing the consequences of even one misstep. Helping us to avoid those steps is Gary Mattson and Taylor Steward from Mattson Financial Services, a financial firm that's been helping people retire successfully right here in West Michigan for decades. You can also catch them on their popular show Money Mentors,

The duo says there are four major pitfalls really that they see going into those retirement years. Right now, market volatility, inflation and then of course taxes are always there and healthcare costs as well so it's really important to start thinking about all of those items and making sure that you have a comprehensive plan to take into consideration all four of those items.

When's the best time to take social security is a big question they get all the time or should you take the survivor benefits on your pension if you're lucky enough to have one? Really it's overall you got to have that comprehensive plan that takes into consideration all of those pitfalls to guarantee that you are going to have that really successful retirement.

It's really about having a plan looked at from your point of view or from your retirement perspective and they can do that for you. Sit down with a fiduciary financial advisor, give our office a call we'd love to sit down with you and start creating that plan, it's never too late or too early to start.

If you've saved at least $250,000 or more for retirement, and you're in that retirement red zone meaning 36 months or less, or you're in retirement, give them a call at 800-536-890 or 616-514-3831 and they’ll do a complimentary plan, look at where you're at, where are you trying to get to and making sure you're paying the least amount of taxes, getting the most return, and you probably have to end up learning to spend a little more money in retirement.