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Make your vacation stress-free with these travel tips

Posted at 10:34 AM, May 28, 2021

With COVID-19 restrictions lifting, people are venturing out into the world in desperate need of a vacation. While people plan trips to get away from the stress, the trip planning itself can cause anxiety and stress.

Edyta Satchell, travel and wellness expert, shares advice on how people can ease the stress of traveling and vacationing.

Do your research before you book AND a few days prior to your departure AND prior to your return home

There are still countries that require people to quarantine. Check the country entry rules, vaccination requirements, documentation requirements, and similar. There is a lot of talk about the vaccination passport for travelers. Rules and documentation requirements change all the time so check it three times.

Allow for more time at the airport

The fear of being late is the first reason why we are stressed out. There will be a few new things at the airport, so leave the house earlier if you want to be on time and eliminate stress and anxiety.

De-stressing techniques

Meditation, visualization, massage. Also, leave your house/hotel earlier so that you have plenty of time as being in a rush, late arrival it the cause for stress and anxiety.

Therapy dogs

Many people don’t know about it, but many airports provide dogs that help travelers with minimizing stress and anxiety. You can play with them before your flight. It’s a great distraction, especially for kids. Check on the airport website if they provide therapy dogs.

Global Entry / TSA Pre-check

It ensures smooth sailing through airport security. There is no age limit for Global Entry so it’s good for kids too.

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