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Love Your Teeth is a great way to whiten that smile

Posted at 10:20 AM, Dec 17, 2021

After interviewing dozens of people, the crew at Love Your Teeth found that a bright, white smile really does leave an impression on people.

Love Your Teeth®promises in just 7 days, you'll love your teeth! On average, you'll notice them seven shades whiter.

How does it work? It's as simple as snap, swab and smile. Snap open the Aloe White Comfort whitening solution, swab it on your teeth for two minutes. Notice how it penetrates those stains incredibly fast with minimal to no sensitivity. Then, you pop the Smile Light in to activate the process and in 10 minutes, you are done. You will do that for twice a day for 7 days, seeing an average of seven shades whiter.

You can save 50 percent on this whitening system now by visiting LoveYourTeeth.comor call 800-000-0000. That's 50 percent off the Pro renewal whitening system plus you'll receive the Go Pen and free shipping with your order.