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How to get the most out of your credit card rewards

Advice from MSUFCU
Posted at 12:09 PM, Sep 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-28 12:09:24-04

Understanding how your credit card rewards program works can help you make the most of this benefit.

Deidre Davis, MSUFCU Chief Marketing Officer, shares ways to ensure you're maximizing your rewards.

First, match your spending habits to the right rewards credit card. For example, if you are an avid traveler, you may benefit from a card offering airline miles or travel points. If you shop at a particular retailer, a card connected to the merchant that offers discounts on store purchases might make sense.

However, the best reward is cashback as you can purchase whatever you want – including airline tickets or clothing from your favorite retailer – and there are no blackout dates.

Use your card to get your rewards, but be sure to pay off the balance in full each month. Then, you will reap the rewards and save money on interest.

Remember, do not spend more than you have even if the rewards increase when your spending does. You should use the card for purchases you already plan to make.

Having multiple cards can be challenging and you may overspend. But it also can be another way to maximize rewards. For example, you could use one card that offers cashback on all transactions for everyday purchases and use a store-specific rewards card to earn discounts at that particular retailer.

Remember, you can purchase anything you want with cash, so cashback is the most flexible and convenient reward.

The bottom line is you should review your budget — and your goals — to determine the rewards card that works best for you. In addition, keeping track of your spending is key to avoid adding debt.

Paying with either a debit or a credit card is safe. If you are using a Visa or MasterCard and your card is compromised, you are protected with zero liability coverage.

Another way to avoid fraud is to check your credit report at least three times each year for any discrepancies. Visit to get a free credit report from one of the three major credit reporting bureaus – Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion – every four months.

MSUFCU’s Visa Signature® Credit Card offers cashback on all purchases. You’ll receive 3% cashback on groceries; 2% on gas and travel; and 1% on all other purchases.

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