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Hall Financial explains why you need to take advantage of low-interest mortgage rates

Posted at 11:14 AM, Oct 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-11 11:14:54-04

Thinking about buying a house or looking to refinance? Historically low-interest rates have been beginning to rise, and it may be due to September's employment report.

David Hall, CEO of Hall Financial, explains how these two factors are affecting the housing market, and how potential home-buyers can take advantage of these low-interest mortgage rates before they disappear.

After a lot of optimism and anticipation surrounding the monthly employment report, it ended up being a bit underwhelming. The national employment report showed growth, but not nearly as much as expected.

Recent mortgage rate increases were influenced by investors anticipating a higher percentage of employment and more bond-buying tapering by the Federal Reserve. This news could lead the Federal Reserve to take a more gradual approach to pull back bond-buying tapering causing rates to take a more gradual increase.

Based on how the market will interpret this news, there will be a fluctuation next week in rates, but overall expect they’ll continue hovering around 3 percent for at least the next few weeks, compared to the average 8 percent.

Traditionally, homes in a good market will appreciate 5-6 percent each year; this year Hall Financial has seen appreciation upwards of 18 to 19 percent, which gives homeowners more flexibility to cash out at these rates. At current rates, homeowners can cash out some of that equity and only add $40/month to monthly payments for every $10,000 taken out. The equity can be used to invest in the home, consolidate bad debt, or do anything they want.

The first thing all homeowners need to do is make sure they know their interest rate; nearly half don’t know their rate when asked. For people who want to tap into their home equity and invest in their home, the experts at Hall Financial can help assess how and if a refinance makes sense.

It only takes a 5-minute mortgage review with a Hall Financial home loan advisor to get started and less than an hour altogether to complete the entire process. Hall Financial is home to the No Appraisal, 8 Day Close. Right now, the majority of their loans don’t need an appraisal and close in 8 business days or less, creating a more convenient mortgage process for clients.

Hall Financial says if customers don’t have a 5-star experience, their founder David Hall will call and take care of them personally!

To learn more about the services Hall Financial has to offer, visit or call 866-CALL-HALL.

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