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Hall Financial can help you refinance your home in 2022

Posted at 10:29 AM, Jan 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-20 10:50:55-05

2021 was a huge year for homeowners to refinance as interest rates dropped to historic lows.

Is it still a good time to refinance or buy? What does the 2022 housing market look like? David Hall from Hall Financial answers these questions and explains how Hall Financial can help people get their dream home.

Hall says refinancing is a smart thing for homeowners to do right now because while mortgage and interest rates are rising, they're still at historic lows. The opportunity to refinance is still possible to lower your monthly payment, take cash out of your home to pay off debt, or have money to renovate your home.

Hall sees the housing market for 2022 going two ways: interest rates will continue to rise and housing values will continue to move up due to low inventory. Winter is the best time to buy because there is less competition from homebuyers; when summer hits, those same homes will cost more and there will be more people out to buy them.

It only takes a 5-minute mortgage review with a Hall Financial home loan advisor to get started and less than an hour altogether to complete the entire process of refinancing or mortgaging a home. Hall Financial is home to the No Appraisal, 8 Day Close. Right now, the majority of their loans don’t need an appraisal and close in 8 business days or less, creating a more convenient mortgage process for clients.

Hall Financial says if customers don’t have a 5-star experience, their founder David Hall will call and take care of them personally!

To learn more about the services Hall Financial has to offer, visit or call 866-CALL-HALL.

This segment is sponsored by Hall Financial.