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Good News You Need for May 18

Posted at 9:35 AM, May 18, 2020

1. Students at Grand Valley State University are paying it forward to those impacted by COVID-19. Last week more than 20 kitchen appliances were donated to the Ottawa County Department of Public Health.

Occasionally appliances are left behind by students at the end of the school year in student housing, but this year students stepped up and donated 15 microwaves and six refrigerators.

The appliances will be placed in temporary housing locations for people who are impacted by COVID-19.

2. A woman in Cedar Springs is paying it forward to employees at Metron Nursing Home with what she is calling "Hero Pouches."

The 130 gift bags come with a personalized Thank You Note and much more.

Organizer and independent consultant for 31 gifts, Terri Waichum, says she was getting a lot of request from her friends, and friend of friends, to sponsor a goody-filled pouch for a frontline worker in their life, but wanted to do more.

She then thought of the staff at Metron Nursing Home nearby and after getting all 130 Hero Pouches sponsored, she got to filling.

Terry says there are also some other surprises in the packs too, and says she just hopes when they receive them, they know they are appreciated and loved.

3. Once the stay at home restrictions are lifted, you could find yourself riding around downtown Grand Rapids in style on an electric scooter or bike.

The city has a plan in place where The Pilot will place the riding options not only in the downtown area, but across about a dozen surrounding neighborhoods accounting for about half of the city's population.

It'll cost $1 to unlock the vehicle, and an additional 15 cents for each minute used.

The city hopes to have them installed by late August or September.

4. Who else is leaning on their fur babies lately? Healthcare worker Tate Hegstrom at Healthone in Denver, sang a song with an adorable husky to help get through these rough times. Watch the video above to see all the cuteness that'll put a smile on your face.

5. Coronavirus has definitely had a creative impact on how we express affection to loved ones. But a 10-year-old is getting creative and created a device allowing her to hug her Grandma safely.

It's called a "hug curtain," made with a shower curtain, hot glue gun, Ziploc bags, and disposable plates.

She came up with the idea after seeing videos of people using blankets to hug their loved ones. Now she can hug grandma all she wants.