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Good News You Need for July 6

Posted at 10:06 AM, Jul 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-06 10:06:34-04

1. A West Michigan man is getting ready for an adventure. 53-year-old Andrej Sensnovis of Kalamazoo will journey across the country by a lawnmower on a new reality television show.
"The Great Grass Race" features pairs of contestants traveling 3,000 from L.A. to New York by Craftsman T110 lawnmower.
Competitors will chart their own course and must ask strangers to provide them with food, water, and gasoline. The journey is expected to take three months.
The experience kicks off with a launch party on Thursday in Tarzana, California.
"The Great Grass Race" will be available on streaming services.

2. It's the store famous around the world for selling lost luggage items. Now after 50 years, Unclaimed Baggage has gone online.
Now, the trip to the 50,000-square-foot Alabama store is no longer necessary.
Last month, the e-commerce site launched, selling everything from designer sunglasses and headphones to iPads and heirloom watches.
The company promises to maintain its "well-below" retail pricing. The items sold are an assortment of lost treasures that airlines and other travel businesses have been unable to reunite with their former owners.

3. A new study says eating black raspberries might reduce inflammation associated with skin allergies.
Researchers put a group of mice on a diet equivalent to a single serving per day of black raspberries for humans.
The study found swelling went down compared to the mice that did not eat the fruit.

4. Nathan's annual Hot Dog Eating Contest was held over the weekend, and 36-year-old champion Joey Chestnut successfully defended his title.
The eating machine put away 75 hot dogs in 10 minutes, setting a new world record. In 2018 Chestnut broke his previous record of 74. This is the 13th time he's won the men's contest in his career.
This was also the first year gamblers could legally bet on Nathan's famous Hot Dog Eating Contest.
On the women's side, Miki Sudo set the women's record, eating a total of 48 1/2 hot dogs in 10 minutes to win the contest for the 7th time.

5. It's time to embrace your inner Col. Sanders, because it's National Fried Chicken Day.
The long-time favorite meal came to the U.S. from Scotland, whose immigrants would deep-fry chicken in fat.
Shortly after being introduced to the southern part of the U.S., fried chicken became a staple.
Since then books made adjustments to the meat by adding spices and seasonings to boost the flavor.
Although lard is the traditional way to make fried chicken, peanut oil, corn oil, and vegetable oil are also used.