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Good News You Need for August 3

Posted at 12:08 PM, Aug 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-03 12:08:57-04

1. After a big win this weekend, a boxer from West Michigan is now on his way to a shot at the World Title.

Raeese "The Beast" Aleem was born and raised in Muskegon and is now 17 and 0 after ATKO victory over Marcus Bates on Saturday night.

Raeese said this was a huge jump in his career. The undefeated boxer says his next goal is to get a title fight and eventually bring the belt back to Muskegon.

No word yet on when this next fight will be.

2. Experience Grand Rapids kicks off the 11th annual Restaurant Week GR on Wednesday, August 5.

There are more than 50 restaurants. The 12-day culinary event features new dining incentives to encourage support of local restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Guests will be able to check-in at participating restaurants using a digital pass on their smartphones for a one-time-use return visit coupon redeemable within 60 days of Restaurant Week.

Also, most restaurants are participating with both takeout and dine-in options.

For more information on Restaurant Week GR, and to access the digital pass, visit

3. They're 92 percent water, can weigh more than 200 pounds, and were bred for sweetness; they're watermelons.

August 3 is dedicated to this juicy and perfect summer snack. Watermelons originated from South Africa.

Most melons were originally bitter, but growers cultivated them to create more flavor. Despite their name, watermelons aren't scientifically classified in the same category as other melons.

Instead, they share some characters with gourds.

4. It's mission accomplished for the crew of Spacex's Crew Dragon Capsule.

The astronauts are safely back on Earth after completing their historic two-month journey. The capsule plunged through Earth's atmosphere and deployed parachutes on Sunday.

Then, it splashed down off the coast of Florida. Its two crew members are the first astronauts NASA has sent into orbit in nine years. They're the first humans ever to go there on a commercial spacecraft.

5. A bear decided to take some R&R in a backyard hot tub in a Connecticut backyard.

The family who live in Avon, have had frequent visits from bears. They banged and banged on a window and the bear eventually walked away.

The same family also shared a video of a bear pawing and biting a blow-up pool toy.

It's not clear that it's the same bear in both videos. Whatever the case may be, the family's backyard is clearly a popular destination.