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Good News You Need for August 14

Posted at 10:14 AM, Aug 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-14 10:14:43-04

1. After their favorite coffee shop was shut down due to COVID-19, two women in Grand Rapids decided to start a new morning routine. Now they're a staple along Plainfield Avenue, waving to each car that passes by.

Within the last few months, Kolleen & Gail have become local celebrities along Plainfield Avenue in Grand Rapids.

When coronavirus hit, the two started meeting at Biggby every day instead of the gym. They sit outside 7 days a week waving to the thousands of cars that pass by.

The ladies say people stop by to say hi, chat, or even give them gift cards. Kolleen and Gail say they'll keep doing this until it starts snowing out.

2. Tomorrow will mark the official debut of two-hearted back in 1997, which means it's the 23rd anniversary of the beer.

According to their website, there are many ways to celebrate, including at their eccentric cafe on Saturday where you can get $1 off two-hearted pints and trout food specials.

Plus their general store will have you covered by offering discounts on their two-hearted merchandise. For more ways to celebrate and look through their recipe collection just head to their website.

3. Miss trying on clothes at Kohls? Kohls has come up with a unique way to make its customers feel like they are in its stores.

The department store chain is using a new augmented reality experience on Snapchat called the Kohl's AR Virtual Closet.

The store says customers can use the Snapchat app virtually to try on clothes. It's apparently part of a new feature of the selfie lens on the app.

If they like what they see, Kohl's says they can then buy the clothes without ever leaving the Snapchat App.

4. Mattel has now released a version of Uno designed to put left-handed players at an advantage.

Uno Left Hand is the same game people know and love but redesigned for lefties. The numbers are switched to the opposite side of the card. This way, lefties can better see their hand and righties are at the disadvantage.

Uno Left-Hand makes a great gift for lefties, 7-years-old and up.

5. You may have noticed that Halloween-specific candies and packaging are already available in some grocery stores.

Hershey has joined forces with retailers to have their products available, earlier than usual.

Candy makers fear the pandemic might negatively affect sales, during what is typically their biggest season.

Not all stores are on board, however, Target, Walmart, and Walgreens say they're holding off on Halloween candy until early fall.