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Frugal and festive holiday table decor

Posted at 10:39 AM, Dec 24, 2019

You can really get your table decor into the holiday spirit with a quick stop at the dollar store or even by rummaging through your recycling.

1.) Pedestal Gift Box Centerpieces:

  • 3 different sized small decorative boxes (got mine at Dollar Tree)
  • glass candlestick holders (Dollar Tree)
  • hot glue gun
  • optional: ribbon and greens to fill boxes

To make: simply put hot glue on the top of the candlestick. Place box on top and press down gently until glue dries. If you are putting ribbon around the boxes, make sure to do that first and then glue down. You may choose to fill the boxes with greens or even candy canes, too. I put some tissue paper in there to secure the items.

2,) Upcycled Centerpiece:

  • wash and dry canned goods, can
  • peel off the label
  • wrap can with burlap with lace over burlap, secure with hot glue
  • add greens coming out of can

3: Stocking Silverware Holders: Whether you are using plastic silverware or regular silverware, you can buy tiny stockings at the dollar store and use those to put your silverware in!