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Friday's Friend: Luna

Posted at 10:26 AM, Apr 02, 2021

Featured Pet: Luna

This sweet girl has, unfortunately, had to spend quite a long time at HSWM due to medical treatment, but she's now ready to find her forever family! She is extremely playful and loves to chase toys or watch bird videos on a computer screen or TV. Due to her past trauma, she does have some special medical needs and slight incontinence, although she uses the litter box well and is trialing diapers. Luna has been through so much, but she never lets anything slow her down or make her feel lesser than. If you're looking for the perfect sidekick to build you up and remind you that you can do anything you set your mind to, then Luna is the kitten for you!

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St. Landry’s Puppy Mill Rescue Update

Do you remember our recent large-scale rescue in partnership with BISSELL Pet Foundation and Animals Of St. Landry of over 100 dogs from a puppy mill in Louisiana?

HSWM accepted 10 of these dogs, and these poor pups arrived in terrible shape; they had eye infections, rotten teeth, and matted coats. Fortunately, every one of the dogs from this rescue effort has found their loving forever home.

Thanks to the efforts of Cathy Bissell and generous donors, these pups were able to go from living in stacked 2x2 cages with no access to bedding, health care, and little human contact, to being healthy, fluffy pups ready for their second chance at life! As a 100% donor-funded organization, HSWM is only able to do this lifesaving work through your generous donations, so please help support our mission by giving today at

Kitten Season!

The Humane Society of West Michigan has a new litter of kittens ready to be adopted!

During kitten season, thousands of kittens flood local animal shelters, and while it's a super cute problem to have, many of these cats will remain outdoors, without access to food or basic care, creating more cats who will need help.

If you'd like further information or resources regarding low-cost spay and neuter services, please contact the Community Resource Coordinator at

Kid’s Summer Camp

All of this sunshine is making us long for summer! It might not be here yet, but the HSWM is already hard at work planning out the fun details for Kids Summer Camps!

There are all sorts of programs available for kids of all ages and interests, designed to entertain, teach, and above all, give your child the opportunity to interact with the pets in their care!

Registration is already live, so sign up today at