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Farm Bureau Insurance offers usage-based insurance program called FB Drives Michigan!

Earn rewards, discounts, and driving tips
Posted at 10:11 AM, Jun 14, 2021

Farm Bureau Insurance wants to reward good drivers and give tips to those who could use improvement with their new program, FB Drives Michigan!

FB Drives Michigan! is a Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) program that tracks mileage and driving behaviors. The driver’s behavior is monitored directly while the person drives, allowing insurance carriers the ability to price more accurately for each person’s driving.

Good drivers will earn discounts based on their driving, plus the app will provide feedback on their driving and tips on how to increase their score by driving safer.

The driver's score is determined by total miles driven, safe speeds, sudden braking, time of day, and distracted driving.

When members enroll in the program, they'll receive an immediate 15 percent premium discount when enrolling in an annual term policy, plus a 12 percent discount for six-month terms.

All the details can be found at or call a local agent to sign up.