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Family Fare shares easy Labor Day menu ideas

Posted at 10:16 AM, Aug 30, 2021

Many will get an extended weekend for Labor Day, which means enjoying the summer sun out on the lake, a backyard gathering, or maybe even getting some yard work done at home.

Whatever people have planned for Labor Day, the experts at Family Fare share some quick and easy food ideas like food trays, sides from the deli, and more.

Family Fare provides a wide variety of food trays to satisfy any palette like meat and cheese trays, veggie trays, and fruit trays. At select locations, customers can even bring fruits and veggies from the produce section to the Fresh Divide where an employee will chop and prep them on a tray.

They also offer great selections at the deli for people who decide to have a cookout. Family Fare offers pre-made meals and sides like beef and chicken kabobs and salad. Plus for those with a sweet tooth, Family Fare offers a variety of pastries from their bakery.

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