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Even more ways kids can enjoy summer camp at home

Posted at 10:14 AM, Jul 06, 2020

With so many summer camps being canceled or as parents, we are choosing to keep our kids home this summer.

Lifestyle and parenting expert, Sherri French is back today to show you more creative ways to recreate a summer camp itinerary at your own home!

Project Sunscreen (camp prep)

Before sending our kids to camp the first thing we always do is put sunscreen on! Project Sunscreen’s unique rollerball design allows for a 'no mess, no waste' application, and is convenient and economical. Their clean sunscreen formulas contain 100% active mineral ingredients, including naturally derived zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Each applicator bottle comes with its own 'personality' to appeal to different tastes and interests. We know if kids feel a personal connection to the bottles, they will be more inclined to use the product.

Available at Meijer and Ulta, where two exclusive lines are available.

Broken Sidewalk Chalk (recycling and open play)

Don’t throw away your pieces of sidewalk chalk when they are too small to use. Crush them in a plastic bag, add them to a plastic cup and add water to make a paste. Using a paintbrush continue your sidewalk or driveway drawings without any waste!

Lava Lamp (science)

Use an empty 2L bottle, oil, water, food coloring, and seltzer tablets, make your own lava lamp.

Flower Arrangement (craft for mom)

Using two vases, flowers, and colorful items like bubblegum or Fruit Loops, make a floral arrangement for mom to take home from camp.

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