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Embrace the great outdoors at the Michigan Adventure Race on August 15

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Posted at 10:05 AM, Jun 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-16 10:20:14-04

During the stay-at-home order, people are rediscovering the great outdoors to benefit their physical and mental health. Now restrictions are lifting, and it's time to get back to racing- with safety precautions- starting with the Michigan Adventure Race: Cannonsburg Edition.

Like the popular Amazing Race on television, teams of one to four will use maps and instructions to search for hidden checkpoints. Teams will go “treasure hunting” for checkpoints via canoeing, hiking/running, orienteering, gravel, and optional trail biking.

Racers can pick from a 4-, 7- or 12-hour race, so there's no need to rush.

The race will take place on August 15.

For more information about the race and to register, go to and visit to join a growing community of adventure racers.