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Dancing with the Local Stars hosting fundraisers to raise money for local food pantries

Posted at 10:14 AM, Jan 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-19 10:14:09-05

From giant oversized soup cans popping up around Muskegon to giving people who show off their TikTok skills for a chance at money, Muskegon's Women's Division Chamber of Commerce is switching up their fundraising methods for their annual Dancing with the Local Stars event.

Normally, Dancing with the Local Stars is a live event featuring dance routines performed by well-known names in West Michigan. Since the live event is no longer possible due to COVID-19 and social distancing rules, the WDCC took the event of the same name to hold a series of fundraisers in the community instead.

CANisters in the Community

Canisters can be found at numerous area businesses asking those able to make a donation through mid-February. Find various locations for these canisters on the WDCC Facebook page. If you're interested in having a canister added to a business, please contact Marily Forton at

You’ve Been CANned!

Similar to the ice bucket challenge, ten 55-gallon drums bearing a soup can label will be placed in the parking lots of local businesses or yards of area residents who will have to make a donation to get them removed. The cost is $100 to get them moved, an additional $25 to select where it goes next, and another $25 for “insurance” so that it won’t come back. This fundraiser will run through March 10.

You CAN Dance!

DWTLS meets TikTok! Individuals must pay $10 apiece to submit up to a 60-second dance challenge to from Feb. 1-28. The participants are encouraged to share on their social channels to generate more votes. Voting will run through March 10; each vote costs $1. The video with the most votes wins and will be revealed on March 19. First place will win $500; second place will win $250 and third place will win $100.

Proceeds from the DTWLS fundraising series will support local food pantries and food programs in lower Oceana, upper Ottawa, and Muskegon counties.

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