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Brighten that smile with Power Swabs

Posted at 11:24 AM, Aug 20, 2020

Time can really take a toll on our smiles. The years of drinking coffee, tea, red wine and pop along with eating things like chocolate, can stain your smile.
Thanks toPower Swabs, you can brighten that smile in less than 5 minutes, right at home or on the go!

It's a simple, two part swab system that doesn't have a horrible taste and you won't be left with zaps, zings. It's simply lifting the stains from your enamel On average, people see their teeth become two shades lighter after the the first use and six shades whiter over seven days. The results could last up to six months. The Quick Stick is also an on-the-go upkeep that's so simple to throw right into your pocket or purse.

Get yours now by calling 1-800-663-7516 or go to You can get 40 percent off plus free shipping.