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6 ways to practice self-care physically and mentally

Posted at 11:14 AM, Sep 30, 2021

Sometimes it's easy to forget to take care of yourself, especially when busy schedules and taking care of others interfere with self-care. Self-care is about more than facials and massages. There are many aspects to self-care, including actions we can do for our psychological and emotional wellbeing.

Nechami Tenenbaum shares six quick and easy ways to make sure you're looking out for yourself both physically and psychologically.

1. Reward yourself for completing small tasks. So often we wait until we accomplish something huge before we reward ourselves or even let ourselves feel accomplished. (Emotional)

2. Write encouraging affirmations or inspirational quotes that resonate with you on post-its and place them where you will see them every day. (Emotional Self-Care)

3. Shower Bombs, similar to bath bombs but these hang in the shower and release natural oil scents to relax/rejuvenate you, etc. (Physical/Psychological Self-Care)

4. Wearing makeup that suits your skin tone (the correct shade), and undertones will enhance a woman's natural beauty and instill a feeling of confidence. (Physical/Psychological Self-Care)

5. Develop an outside hobby unrelated to your work. When you’re able to give your professional life balance, your stress will lessen and you’ll have more energy to deal with actual work when it’s time to work. (Psychological Self-Care)

6. Journaling, releasing emotions, and creating space for positivity. Also, journaling generates creativity and allows your subconscious mind to come to the surface. (Psychological Self-Care)

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