'Grinch' stealing shrieks and squeals to bring holiday cheer in 2020

Posted at 11:53 AM, Dec 03, 2020

LITTLETON, Colo. — Watch out! A Grinch is tip-toeing around outside windows of unsuspecting children, to bring delight and a moment of joy this holiday season.

In a neighborhood full of Christmas cheer, the Grinch was ready to strike with fear. He didn’t exactly attempt to hide as the children sat inside.

Dressed from head-to-toe as the Grinch, Ethan Hecker, 14, banged on the window of a home and was met with laughter and joy, but little did they know, he was there to steal their Christmas cheer.

“My goal is to scare the kiddos, let them have some fun,” Hecker said.

Allison Hecker, Ethan’s mom, came across a post online of a girl dressed up as the Grinch scaring kids and moving things around in the yard. Ethan says as soon as he saw it, he knew he wanted to do it himself and begged his mom for the costume.

“Ethan loves the theatrics and kids and it was perfect,” she said.

Hecker ordered the costume and it arrived on Monday. That same day, they posted on social media.

“He is asking $20 per visit--he will spend 5-7 minutes creeping around the outside of your home while your kids scream with excitement (or fear),” the Facebook post read.

Hecker says they were flooded with requests for the Grinch to stop at homes and birthdays.

“We’ve had 10 (bookings), so far and he has about 50-55 booked,” she said.

The money Ethan raises will go into savings and help him buy a car. He’s only 14 years old but wants to be ready when it’s time to get his license.

Sarah Quinn saw the post online and booked the Grinch to surprise her kids.

“I thought it would be a really great way for us to support him and also do something fun for the kids this year when we are limited on doing a lot of our other normal holiday activities,” Quinn said.

“2020 sucked for everybody and this is a good way for him to bring some joy in a safe way,” Hecker said.

On a bitter night, the sound of pure and priceless laughter fills the air.

“They’re super excited, my 5-year-old especially, he’s going to have a really hard time going to bed tonight,” Quinn said.

Naughty or nice, you better watch out; the Grinch may drop by.

“I’m hoping to do this for the next two years,” Ethan said.

So far, Ethan has raised about $200 for his car after paying his mom back for the costume.

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