Grin-n-Share It!

Posted at 9:03 AM, Apr 03, 2020
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"What a long year this week has been!"

That saying will hold true for the next several weeks, as many of us are well aware. As we stay glued to social media, staying positive can be challenging. However, I challenge ALL OF YOU to be the "sunshine" in everyone's day. How? Throw in some of the light-hearted, silly, pictures of your kids, pets and cute videos. I want you to share those with me for a chance to be featured in my "Grin-n-Share It!" segment on FOX17 Morning News.

Bouffant Bronson

We started discussing haircuts/color and how badly we'll need them in our household when I had a silly idea. I had Bronson sit down in the chair, I stood behind him and flipped my hair over. I was laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my face. He kept saying, "Mama, you cryin! Mama, why you cryin?" Happy tears are the best tears.

Beau Exotic=Tiger King

If that doesn't bring a smile to your face, not even knowing much about Tiger King on Netflix, I don't know what will. My friend Laurie Carr has done professional make-up and hair for many years, often allowing her little guy, Beau, to get in on the fun. The night before these pics were taken, she finally watched Tiger King. Since Halloween is their favorite holiday, they have no problem dressing up to be silly, year round.

Laverne & Shirley= Hoppy Easter

The dynamic duo of Laverne & Shirley still exists; they just happen to be the adorable fur babies of Laura Lee Kulak. The doggies get dressed up for every holiday and it takes a lot of treats, I'm told, to get one good photo. Laverne is a Chihuhua and Shirley is a Chorkie (Chihuahua/Corkie mix). Be sure to follow these cuties on Instagram and yes, they even have their own Facebook.

Baxter: Making a "Spec"tacle of himself

How can you not snicker at the image of a dog, like Baxter, a Boarder Collie, sporting a pair of reading glasses. This hysterical picture was submitted by Kevin Fase.

Ryley's Happy Face?

When the Vanderhorst family wanted to capture the fact that they were "all smiles" about going on vacation a couple of months ago, their daughter Ryley got a little confused on her expressions. She's so darn cute!

Duchess: aka Miss Nosey?

If there is one breed of dog, in my opinion, that's confused on whether it's a dog, human or cat, it would be a Great Dane. As you can see here, Duchess is curious like a cat. Her mom, Marianne Schwandt, said that their daughter captured this photo and captioned it, “Whatcha doin’ down there silly?”

Finn: All up in your face

As you can see, Finn is also a Great Dane who has no probably hovering over his family like a small child. He seems very subtle, doesn't he? Thanks so much for the funny picture Andrea Siska.

Sophia Stages a Protest

When things just don't go your way as a kid, you cry, you pout and for Sophia Jimenez, age 6, you stage a protest! Apparently Miss Sophia wanted a special app on her iPod but the parents said, "No!" She is well aware of her right to protest and did so in her family's home. Nice try Sophia, but parents Dave Jimenez and Dr. Kelly Wiersma didn't give in.

I can't wait to share some of your uplifting and funny pictures or videos. Be sure to send them my way.

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