Give A Child A Book


Giving area school kids access to more books this fall

Posted at 12:52 PM, Sep 06, 2021

Reading sparks creativity and innovation, but not all area school kids may have access to a lot of options.

The pandemic has created many challenges for families and the Reading Now Networkis hoping to make it easier.

They have touched thousands of kids since the program launched in 2015, but now they want to touch even more kids since the pandemic started.

The program is partnering with Scholastic to help ensure kids get access to books.

You can help out as well by donating to the If Give a Child a Book Campaign. It's a localized effort between our parent company, SCRIPPS and FOX 17 to get more books into the hands of kids.

To learn more about the If You Give a Child a Book Campaign click here.

Kids also have the chance to pick personalized books and create their own library!